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chip resetter for epson 9700 9900 7700 7890 9908 9910 7900 cartridge chip

Chip resetter for epson 7890 9890 7908 9908  cartridge(9 color)

WT7900 WT7910 WT9910 WT9900 cartridge (9 color)

7700 9700 9710 7710 cartridge (5 color)

7900 9900 7910 9910 PX-H10000 PX-H8000 PX-W8000(11 color)

The chip resetter method of operate:

1:Our resetter can reset the original chip.

2:When the ink shou is "0".the chip can not be reset.The best way to reset it that you should reset it before the ink show"%15".

3:When you use this way to use the bulk ink .you should be often check how muth ink is lift,reset the chip ink time.

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