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hp973 ciss with permanent chip for HP PageWide 352dw 377dw 452dw 477dw 552dw 577dw printe

product name:hp973 ciss with ARC chip for  HP PageWide 352dw 377dw 452dw 477dw 552dw 577dw printer


pack list

973 ciss system 1 set

973 permanent chip   1C, 1M, 1Y, 1BK

syring                           1 pcs




1:Please make sure that your printer does not prompt the ink system for error. One or more cartridges of ink have been exhausted if your printer has prompted the above error message. Before using this product, please put the original cartridge which can be used normally into the printer and re-enabled the printer. After the first mission. If the printer can print normally, the product can be used normally.

2: Please pay close attention to the ink level of this filling cartridge. When the ink is about 10%, it should be filled in time. In order to avoid the filling cartridge lock. The printer will prompt the ink system to fail or the ink has run out.

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